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5 tips for (even more) mental resilience after 1 year of COVID-19

The corona crisis is controlling our lives for about a year now. Our certainties and liberties have changed significantly. The distractions of before exist no more. Thrown back on ourselves we reflect more than ever on the work we do, the life we lead, the relationships in which we invest.

Every change holds opportunities, so does this corona pandemic. It takes mental resilience to spot and seize these opportunities. The 5 tips below, which I will elaborate on in the coming weeks, will help you to strenghten your mental well-being:

Explore your thoughts and emotions

Admittedly, regularly scrutinizing your own thoughts and emotions is not for sissies. It takes quite some courage in fact, as well as heaps of empathy … for yourself to start with.


Talk to and share with family, friends or colleagues with whom you feel safe. The cliché is true : a good conversation can work wonders.

Take (even more) care of yourself

When we consciously take care of ourselves, we figuratively connect our battery to its charger. In times of mental struggle, let’s even pamper ourselves a bit more.

Set your boundaries

Frequent and concrete feedback not only helps you to respect your own boundaries, but also gives the best chance to your interaction with others. Indeed, small frustrations are prevented from turning into a big deal.

Feed your creativity

Creativity gives way to our unique, authentic self. Which creative project of yours needs dusting ? It deserves your attention.

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