Isabelle Schuerbeke

I embrace challenges and changes in life. I always have.

When I graduated as a master in translating, I only knew one thing for certain  : translating was not my thing. I had plenty of ambition, but lacked direction. It was only later in my career that I began to understand the importance of this.

I began working at a petrochemical company in the Port of Antwerp. I was offered some fantastic opportunities in HR and accepted one challenge after another. I worked in Antwerp, Brussels, Feluy and Ertvelde, and took on a number of senior HR roles.

This journey took me through the different HR disciplines and through reorganisation processes, a factory closure, social negotiations (a great passion !), developing training courses and training programs, personnel budgeting, salary reviews, career management and so much more.

Over the years I developed a natural ability for setting up and optimising HR processes. I believe that some common sense already brings you quite far.

Simplicity, efficiency and guaranteed continuity: that is my credo. Simply HR.

When I was 35, I hit the invisible wall. As a brand new mum and right in the middle of a number of important HR projects, I got lost and realised that I was on the verge of a burnout. I was offered coaching and seized the opportunity with both hands. Today, so many years later, I still use the tools provided to me at the time.

The coaching awakened something inside me: the desire to promote the importance of authenticity and committed communication in companies. To create awareness among employees and managers of everyone’s valuable ‘otherness’ and how to translate this within teams into a powerful complementarity in which team members can contribute in their own authentic and unique way. In self-confidence they listen to their own needs as well as those of others.

In 2017 I came across my first exciting consultancy project and leapt into the unknown world of self-employment at the age of forty. I started studying again and in 2017 became an accredited Insights practitioner (another passion of mine), the colourful tool that helps individuals and team members acquire a better understanding of themselves and others, and to communicate with each other on a deeper level.

In 2019, I obtained my postgraduate in Inspirational coaching, a very valuable study programme. This heralded the next postgraduate course: Coaching with horses. It united an old love and a new passion, bringing me again closer to myself.

And so I gradually realised that my story is not one characterised by ‘this or that’ but rather by ‘this and that’: an HR consultant in heart and soul enjoying getting her teeth into hard HR topics, who – through coaching and training – inspires managers and employees to choose authenticity and committed communication. Constantly seeking the best possible win-win scenario for the organisation and the individual.

That’s me.

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