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On which field are you playing?

Regardless of whether or not you are a football fan (and those who are, no doubt have the time of their lives nowadays), there is an image that I often use in coaching and training sessions which I would like to share with you. Let’s say that we all have a football field to play on in our lives and work situations. our football fields are all surrounded by other football fields, those of people you live and work with.

Every day, often without realizing it, balls are thrown onto your field: it may be a task that someone is asking you to do or a responsibility that is not really yours but you end up with anyway. Or it might be someone else’s conviction which is so stubbornly present in your own mind that over time it has become your own conviction too.  

In an attempt to do good for others or to try to do our job or duties in the best possible way, we often struggle with all the balls unrightfully lying on ou field. They are indeed a heavy burden to carry. The multitude of responsibilities which we cannot carry or fix for someone else, are often dragging us down and block the road to self-care and constructive relationships. 

We regulary need to reflect on which balls are lying on our field and do not belong there. They are often issues we struggle with and are taking a lot of our energy. On our journey to greater seld-awareness, it is important to identify these balls and to respectfully return them to their rightfull owner.

If we are talking about duties, tasks and responsibilities, we can return them by communicating honestly and respectfully that they belong on our interlocutor ‘s football field, rather than on ours. 

If we talk about convictions, it might be very liberating to visualize putting this conviction in an imaginary box and in the same way handling over this box to the person who once planted this conviction in our mind.

Regularly cleaning your football field will help you  to create  a mentally healthy environment for yourself and others. Let the match begin ! 

on which field are you playing

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