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Insights Discovery

Insights is a colorful tool that clearly indicates your own strengths and weaknesses when dealing with others. Where do your preferences colors lie, and those of your team?

Insights Discovery

The success of any organization depends on the performance of its people. With Insights Discovery, you invest in your people and give them the tools to further develop their communication and interpersonal skills, improve relationships, creating connection and communication on a deeper level.

The color language of Insights Discovery is simple to understand and easy to remember. As a result, people continue to use the language on a daily basis. The questionnaire to fill out takes about 20 minutes, is available in 40 languages and provides a basic profile of about 20 pages.

I give Insights workshops (NL/ENG/FR), if desired in combination with team coaching with the horse as co-coach. At the start of each coaching and/or training program I prefer to work with the Insights profile as a solid basis for insight into one’s own preferred behavior and communication style.

Benefits of working with the colorful Insights tool:

  • Teams work together more effectively
  • Leaders inspire, motivate and get the best out of their employees
  • People respond better to change
  • Employees are engaged and feel a stronger connection to the culture and values of the organization
  • Customer interaction improves