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Coaching with horses

Coaching with horses as co-coach

Close to nature and in peace, the presence of the horse amazingly quickly brings deep and enlightening insights where communication and/or other patterns are uncovered.

After all, the horse has a keen sense of what is going on in you and constantly mirrors your behavior – or the dynamics of team coaching – which is mainly unconsciously expressed. The presence of the horse significantly accelerates the growth process of the coachee(s) and creates awareness of their own behavior, feelings and thoughts.

Horses are also masters of clear and immediate feedback, without judgment. They bring us closer to nature and to ourselves, paying attention to the here and now. They teach us to distance ourselves from our compulsive doing in order to first and foremost simply be.

I coach in Dutch, English and French.

Some examples of coaching programs and/or workshops are: 

  • Team coaching for more effective collaboration/communication
  • Team coaching / Insights workshop
  • Leading with concern for self and others
  • Engaged communication
  • Conflicts and involved confrontation
  • Assertiveness and self-confidence
  • Increase stress resilience, recognize emotions
  • Patterns in (work) relationships
  • Care for your own limits and needs (and those of others)
  • Systemic Coaching

Benefits of coaching for employees, teams and organizations:

  • Awareness of own talents and pitfalls
  • Insight into your own authenticity
  • Resilient employees who constructively state their own limits and needs
  • Dynamic, conflict-resilient teams with appreciation for everyone’s unique otherness
  • Positive and open work atmosphere where things can simply be said