Isabelle worked nearly a year at Azelis as the EMEA HR coordinator, and supported us in many different areas like the roll-out of GDPR, remuneration, talent management and succession planning, payroll-consolidation and recruiting. I truly enjoyed working with her, she is passionate about her job, very driven, always trying to find pragmatic solutions and she combines this with a wealth of HR knowledge and experience. What I also have appreciated was her ability to quickly earn respect and buy-in with the local HR people residing in many different countries, which was crucial in her EMEA-wide role. I would recommend Isabelle to everyone who is in need of a professional all-round HR person who gets things done.

Anna Bertona

CEO EMEA Azelis (December 2018)

Isabelle is a professional, enthusiastic trainer dedicated to the success of the client’s project. She is structured and flexible in her approach as well as relationship- and result-oriented. I am delighted about our collaboration!
Florence Pourtois

Managing Director Manacoach

During almost 18 months, Isabelle provided extensive support to Arteco in a number of HR fields: social negotiations, collective labour agreements, start-up of payroll and HR services, job grading, recruitment, policies, insurances, pensions, diverse HR tools, etc.

Isabelle’s enthusiasm and energy are contagious, her commitment and dedication are an example and thanks to her empathy and experience Isabelle is appreciated by both employees and employers.

Alexandre Moireau

Arteco General Manager (September 2017)

About a year ago I took on the role of HR manager Total Ertvelde/Schoten. Isabelle introduced me in the different HR domains (training, recruitment, budget management, pay review, …) in a very professional and structured way. During the transfer period and thanks to her extensive HR knowledge and experience, Isabelle provided me with very concrete and practical tools that offer me the necessary guidance for the future.

Thank you, Isabelle, for this professional transfer!

Bieke Smits

HR Manager Total Ertvelde & Schoten (September 2017)

Everyone struggles from time to time but for me it felt much more than that. Because of various circumstances in the past few years, I did not know where to find my energy anymore.

Thanks to Isabelle’s insights, questions, thoughts and analyses I gradually got my life back on track.

I realize I still have quite some miles to go, but with Isabelle’s support I am confident to succeed.

Coachee M.

Isabelle is a true HR professional with knowledge and experience in many, if not all, HR domains : social relations & negotiations, payroll & benefits, training & career management. She is rigorous and very organized, as well as dynamic and proactive which allows her to bring a significant contribution to process improvements and project management.

Great person to work with, who you can count on and fully trust.

Marie-Claire Guérinon

HR Manager Total Belgium (August 2017)

Isabelle was heavily involved all along 2016 in the HR process of a significant transformation project of Arteco, a Belgium based European coolants leader. Thanks to her robust experience in all relative domains – payroll, bonus and pension schemes, negotiation with trade unions to name a few – the project successfully came to a conclusion end of 2016 as expected. As Arteco’s CEO, I can testify that Isabelle’s competences paid a key contribution to this great collective achievement.
Denis Marcel

CEO Arteco (December 2016)

If in life you come to a point when everything feels heavy and you keep turning in the same vicious circle, it is often very difficult to look for solutions and insights yourself. You get stuck in your own thoughts and you don’t see how to move forward.

And then there’s Isabelle. You are welcomed with a broad smile. You can land and find yourself again in a quiet, warm environment.

Isabelle attentively listens to your story, she brings you to the point where you need to be in a soft, yet clear way. She does this by means of targeted questioning. She keeps asking questions until you find your own answers. In addition, she has an eye for your body language and appearance.

She accompanies you to find out what you can do to let your life flow again, to take the first concrete steps.

After a session with Isabelle, I look at my story from a completely different perspective and I feel relieved and light-hearted.

Very grateful that Isabelle crossed my path!

Coachee A.

Throughout my coaching process with Isabelle, I became more self confident in what I am doing and saying. I improved on planning and preparing internal and external meetings. I also learnt to better understand other people’s behavior which allows me to (re)act more efficiently in my communication with them.
Coachee Z.